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Premiers ebooks acquis en 2023

Les livres électroniques ci-dessous sont accessibles dans les locaux de  l'Ifpo de Beyrouth et d'Amman.

  • Byzantium and Islam: Collected Studies on Byzantine-Muslim Encounters/ Daniel J. Sahas. Brill, 2022. ISBN 978-90-04-47047-7



  • Building between Eastern and Western Mediterranean Lands: Construction Processes and Transmission of Knowledge from Late Antiquity to Early Islam/ Piero Gilento. Brill, 2022. ISBN 978-90-04-51645-8.



  • À l’orientale: Collecting, Displaying and Appropriating Islamic Art and Architecture in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries/ Francine Giese; Mercedes Volait; Ariane Varela Braga. Brill, 2020. ISBN 978-90-04-41264-4



  • Iron Age Terracotta Figurines from the Southern Levant in Context/ Erin D. Darby and Izaak J. de Hulster. Brill, 2020. ISBN 978-90-04-43677-0



  • Middle Assyrian Seal Motifs from Tell Fekheriye (Syria)/ Bonatz, Dominik. De Gruyter, 2021. ISBN 9783110691931



  • The Triumph and Trade of Egyptian Objects in Rome/ Pearson, Stephanie. De Gruyter, 2021. ISBN 9783110700893



  • Trade in the Ancient Mediterranean/ Terpstra, Taco. Princeton University Press, 2019. ISBN 9780691189703



  • Sculptures from Roman Syria II/ Koçak, Mustafa ; Kreikenbom, Detlev. De Gruyter, 2022. ISBN 9783110711493



  • Exploring urbanism in ancient North Syria/ Blömer, Michael ; Winter, Engelbert. De Gruyter, 2022. ISBN 9783110747959



  • The Small Temple : A Roman Imperial Cult Building in Petra, Jordan/ Reid,  Sara Karz. Gorgias Press, 2013. ISBN 9781463235666



  • The Sunni Tragedy in the Middle East/ Rougier, Bernard. Princeton University Press, 2015. ISBN 978-1-4008-7357-9



  • The Opening of South Lebanon, 1788-1840/ Polk, William R. Harvard University Press, 2013. ISBN 978-0-674-43613-8



  • Business Networks in Syria/ Haddad, Bassam S. A. Stanford University Press, 2020. ISBN 978-0-8047-7841-1


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